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25 Mildly Relevant Facts about Steph Smith

1. Wooden chopsticks freak me out. Nothing is worth risking mouth splinters.

2. Favorite smell? Lemon Pledge furniture polish.

3. I've been famous for being a drug lord but I have never been a drug lord.

4. Spicy Indian food is my ultimate breakfast. 

5. My 5 kids were born in within 4 years of each other. On purpose.

6. 30 year old me would have preferred early death to raising 5 kids.

7. I lived on/off in Brazil for 10 years. My Portuguese is surprisingly shitty.

8. I was asked to sell my story for a Lifetime TV movie & recruited for a Real Housewives show.

9. INTJ is all you really need to know about me but I'm a sucker for completing a list.

10. My New Year's resolution is always to drink more wine and smoke more weed. 

11. Every year I fail at my New Year's resolution. I'm just not a drinker or smoker.

12. I ran 4 political campaigns in 2016 and I'm running 3 in 2020.  

13. I vote in every election, even midterms. You should too.

14. Armored SWAT Police have raided my home. Twice.

15. I spent 2 years traveling the earth. It changed me more than anything else I've ever done.

16. I've been broke and homeless. I lived in a car I bought for $80 at a police auction.

17. Today I own many houses and apartment buildings but still worry about becoming homeless again.

18. A real estate developer who supports rent control? I am that unicorn.

19. If you're talking to me, I'm probably thinking "Am I making too much eye contact?"

20. My partner and I got viral famous for turning human fat from liposuction into biodiesel fuel

21. I changed my name because of death threats from religious zealots offended by lipodiesel.

22. Waze is fundamental to my success as a real estate investor. I can't find buildings I own without it.

23. I paint large scale landscapes using house paint samples from Home Depot.

24. I am second generation on my father's side. There is a huge place in my heart for immigrants and travelers.

25. I own 3 forklifts and employees run in terror when they see me driving one.

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